Welcome to the OBrien Foundation

Established in 2017, the OBrien Foundation stands as a testament to the enduring commitment of OBrien Real Estate to give back to the communities it serves. With a strong ethos rooted in family, mutuality, realising potential, embracing change, and promoting health and energy, the Foundation embodies the core values and behaviours of the OBrien family.
The primary objective of the Foundation is to raise funds to support our local communities. Through our extensive office network, the Foundation channels its efforts into various avenues, including sponsorship of local events, organising charity auctions, and hosting community-focused gatherings. From engaging golf days to commemorating International Women’s Day with events tailored to empowerment and inclusion, the Foundation’s calendar is brimming with activities aimed at fostering community bonds and making a positive impact.
Stavros Ambatzidis, Director of OBrien Real Estate and the driving force behind the OBrien Foundation, emphasises the deeply ingrained philanthropic spirit within the OBrien family. “Giving back is in our blood,” he remarks. “We love seeing the positive impact the OBrien Foundation has on our local communities.” Ambatzidis highlights the Foundation as a unifying force, bringing together the collective efforts of the OBrien family across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.